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The American pre-Code mystery melodrama Conspiracy was directed by Christy Cabanne and produced, distributed, and distributed by RKO Pictures in 1930. It is the second variation of the play The Intrigue by Robert B. Dough puncher and John Emerson and stars Bessie Love and Ned Flashes.

Margaret and Victor Holt, brothers and sisters, dedicate themselves to slaying the drug cartel that killed their father. Victor rises through the ranks to become an attorney in the district attorney's office, and Margaret eventually manages to get a job as James (Marco) Morton's secretary. When Morton learns Margaret's true identity, he devises a plan to kill her brother by tricking him into a trap.

Margaret rushes to save her brother when she discovers the plot. In the following scuffle, she kills Morton in her endeavor to save Victor, who is likewise apparently killed. She flees the scene out of fear of being found guilty of murder. While she is hiding, she makes friends with a mystery author named Winthrop Clavering and a reporter named John Howell. The truth about the murder comes out, and it turns out that the drug ring is holding Victor captive instead of killing him. Margaret and John form a romantic relationship after Victor is saved.

Bessie Love as Margaret Holt
Ned Flashes as Winthrop Clavering
Hugh Trevor as John Howell
Rita La Roy as Nita Solid
Ivan Lebedeff as Butch Mill operator
Gertrude Howard as Martha
Otto Matieson as James Morton/Marko
Jane Keckley as Rose Towne
Donald MacKenzie as Skipper McLeod
George Irving as Imprint Holt
Bert Moorehouse as Victor Holt
Walter Long as Weinberg

This film is the second transformation of the Bread cook/Emerson play, the previous adaptation being the quiet film, The Connivance, recorded in 1914 by the Renowned Players Film Organization, created by Charles Frohman, and featuring Emerson himself in the job of Clavering, repeated from his stretch in the Broadway play. From December 1912 to May 1914, it played at the New York City's Garrick Theatre.

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