Our Refund Polices 

1) Products sold by sri yantran, and KY foods, KY kitchnes, and fFLAVORVAPE KY (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED are our own manufracturinng along with other manufractures associated with us and we are selling these products on our official websites only, but these are not avaible on amazon, flipkart, or ecommerce platfroms directly by us But our authorise delars are allow to sell our products on any ecommerce platfrom they like at that point you need to approch us only through the medium you purchased our products.

2) Any virifed person can sell products through bcsind.in but he to follow our terms.

3) You should provide your business proof, Id proof to sell ypur product.

4)Your products should be accordng Law of Indian governemt only. 

5)Product should be delevered to costmure in 7 days as soon as you get reder

6)Your sale should be including Transportaion cost.

7) Your product should having warrent, and you should take complete responcibily of transportation damage.

8) For any pre used product you should provide its images in all angles, and you should take responcibily of delevering product as same condition as you have updated to our bcsind.in.

9) When you have purchased any product with you suppose to take video , when your opening the product with in 24 hours you have opened if it is damaged in corer you can share video to our email ID support@bcsind.in or call us directly, 

10) Product will be replaced or refundded according to your need.

11) for sellers you will be gien your price of sale as soon as the product gets to costumer

12) if at all we didn't recive any call or complaint from the costmure within 3 days of the product gets deleverd we treat the product is perfect and we will be giving your money of sale to your wallet which you can transfer to your bank account.

13) You should be aken reponcibility of product as along as it is in warrenty period.

14) The amount you spend for advertesing on bscind.in will not be refunded