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⁣Shanghai:In a rare display of public outrage against the government, hundreds of people demonstrated against China's zero-Covid policy on Sunday in the country's major cities.
China's strict virus strategy is making people more angry, and many people are getting tired of quick lockdowns, long quarantines, and mass testing campaigns.
A deadly fire that occurred on Thursday in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region in the northwest of China, has rekindled public outrage, with many claiming that prolonged Covid lockdowns hampered rescue efforts.The claims are not true, according to the authorities.

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Private Eye Popeye gets a call from Olive Oyl to guard a precious gem. But no sooner does he get the gem than the butler takes it (and Olive). The rest of the cartoon is spent chasing the crook to Paris, the Swiss Alps, and North Africa; Popeye always gets there first, but fails to make the arrest until he lucks into some spinach, of course.