Water from Krishna River: In-between time plan to supplant impromptu sharing framework.

May 11, 2023 - 10:59
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Water from Krishna River: In-between time plan to supplant impromptu sharing framework.
Krishna River

Hyderabad: The Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) favored need-based water sharing between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday, a significant departure from the ad hoc water sharing arrangement established nine years ago. Starting on June 1, the proposed interim pattern will be in place for the first few months of the new water year.

The board, which met here on Wednesday, chose to look for the intercession of the Jal Shakti Service to work out a last settlement on water sharing satisfactory for both the States. Based on the indents placed by the respective States and water availability, the three-member committee, which includes the Board Member Secretary and engineers-in-chief of the two States, will monitor the sharing of water.

By terminating the impromptu arrangement that permitted Andhra to receive 34% of assured water and Telangana to receive 66%, Telangana has demanded a 50/50 split of the water supply. Andhra Pradesh, but needed no adjustment of the current means of sharing till the Brijesh Kumar Council conveyed its last honor.

Officials from Telangana demanded permission to use 50% of the 811 TMC allocated for the undivided State. After the meeting, Special Chief Secretary (Irrigation) Rajat Kumar told reporters that the ratio of 66:34 between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana would no longer be acceptable. The stated objective of Telangana's formation was to address its unfair water sharing treatment.

He stated that Telangana had its in-basin projects to be supported on a priority basis, while projects such as SLBC, Kalwakurthy, and Nettempadu have become operational and require an additional 105 TMC of water. Any further continuation of the same ad hoc water sharing arrangement would be against its interests.

The KRMB had also been made aware of the state's position the previous year. Its requests were accepted into comprehension as a note of contradiction by the board. At the appropriate times, AP's objections to other projects would be addressed in the appropriate forums. Regarding the Sunkishala issue, he stated that the water being drawn was intended to support Hyderabad's drinking water supply and did not require any additional consent.

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